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Swim Meet Volunteer Job Descriptions

Assistant Meet Director -  Assists Meet Director in problem solving during a meet. Training is required. Board member preferred.

Concessions - Sell concessions at home meets. 

       Shift Specific Duties: 1st Half: Helps set up.  2nd Half: Helps clean up.

Concessions Coordinator - Supervises Concessions Sales Volunteers and operations. Plans and purchases concession items in coordination with the MPST Board. Preps by icing down coolers/drinks the night before meets. Organizes set up/take down of concessions tables, signage, makes change for money box, orders pizza, etc. from restaurants as needed. Organizational, management and money management skills required.

Console Operator: Meet Maestro/Dolphin - Must have strong computer knowledge and be able to arrive to meet early to set up. Sets up, operates and takes down the console before, during and after swim meets. Annual Console Certification is required.

Equipment Manager - Responsible for getting the tents and other needed equipment from the swim team closet to away meets and for returning them after the meet. Early arrival at away meets and a truck or SUV/Van is required.

Facilities Monitor - Responsible for periodically checking restrooms for cleanliness and replenishing soap, paper towels, and toilet tissue when necessary. If there are any serious issues, a board member should be notified. 

Greeter - Arrives to home meets 1 hour early to warmly welcome the visiting team, direct them to their area, restrooms, etc.

Grill Master - Grill hamburgers and hot dogs at home swim meets. Responsible for the set up/take down and clean up of the grill and grilling utensils.

Head Timer - Arrives to swim meets 1 hour early for meet prep. The Head Timer is responsible for issuing and retrieving timing equipment and keeps time until the final swimmer of a race touches the wall. He/she facilitates the flow of the meet, ensuring that lane timers have functioning equipment and are focused on their duties as timers. Training is required and the ability to multitask is a must.  

Parking Lot Attendant - Early arrival, 2 hours before the meet, is required to direct traffic to park in the grassy area utilizing the access ramp. Volunteer duties are complete once the swim meet begins. 


Pit Parent/Ready Bench - 3 per age group (2 Ready Bench, 1 in Swimmer Tent)

Pit Parents 6 & Unders: May leave the meet after the 1st half.  

Pit Parents All Other Ages: 7-8's9-10's,11-12's, 13-14's, 15 -18's  Required to stay through the 2nd half, through the very last race.

1) Before the meet: Take attendance, advise Ready Bench Director & Head Coach of absences.

2) During the meet: Maintain order and appropriate swimmer supervision in the area, make sure swimmers have goggles, swim caps and are ready for their scheduled swim times. Use the heat sheet to line up swimmers for their race, escort them to the ready bench and place them in the appropriate lane. Stay with the swimmers until they are finished with their race and escort them back to the pit. Report problems and misconduct to a board member.

3) After the meet: Turn in clip board/attendance sheet to Volunteer Table. 


Ready Bench Assistants - Ensures that swimmers are in their correct race, lane and heat. After the race, they ensure swimmers exit the pool and return to their Ready Bench escort.

Ready Bench Director - Excellent organizational skills, problem solving skills and some training required. The Ready Bench Director calls and lines up swimmers for their races and escorts them to the correct Ready Bench according to the upcoming event, race and heat. Ensures that all swimmers for that heat are present with goggles and swim caps on. 

Referee - The Referee is responsible for keeping the meet running in a timely and smooth manner. He/she arrives to the meet 1 hour early to prep and is responsible for holding a meeting prior to the meet with all officials (Timers and Judges) to review meet procedures. Starter/Referee certification is required. 

Ribbons Volunteer - Ribbons volunteers sit at a table in the scoring area and places swimmer labels with names/times on the appropriate 1st-6th place ribbons for each event. Requires some training.

Set Up Crew - Help set up the pool area for home meets.

    *Saturday meets - Friday night: 9:00 pm   *Weekday meets - Same day: 3:00pm

Starter - The Starter announces swim meet events using the starter intercom equipment, ensuring a fair start for all swimmers and charging false starts as they occur. Starter/Referee certification required annually. 

Stroke/Touch Turn Judge - Judges watch each race from a poolside position noting stroke/touch turn infractions and calls infractions to the attention of the Referee. Arrive early to a meet to attend a meeting with the Referee or Meet Director. Stroke/Touch Turn Judge or Starter/Referee certification required annually. New judges also need additional poolside training with an experienced judge.

Take Down Crew - Stays after the meet to help put equipment away.

Timer - Timers use a stop watch to time the swimmer in their assigned lane to determine who wins the heat/race. Ability to multitask, focus and some training is required. Timers must arrive to the meet early to attend a required Timer meeting with the Referee or Meet Director to review meet procedures.

Timing Slip Runner - Collects manual timing slips and delivers to the console table in a timely manner.  Some training required.

Volunteer Coordinator - Checks volunteers in and out at the volunteer table as they arrive and leave their shifts and is responsible for finding volunteers to fill vacancies as they occur. Training is required.

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