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Wanted: New Marlins!

New Swim Families: Please see Parent Info/FAQ page for more info.

2024 Typhoon Texas Discounts

Available Here!...

Click here to visit the Typhoon Texas website!

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2) Click: "Promo Code"

3) Enter: "MPST24" in Promo Code text box

Enjoy! Thank you for helping raise money for our Marlins!

  • Any Day Pass: Only $32.99 (Reg price: $39.99-$49.99)
  • Any Day Pass w/ Meal: Only $42.99 (Big savings!)
  • Season Passes: Only $79.99 (Reg price: $84.99 and up)
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2023 Memorial Parkway Marlins

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Welcome to the Memorial Parkway Swim Team!

The Memorial Parkway Swim Team (MPST) proudly serves our Memorial Parkway neighborhood and surrounding communities by offering a recreational, yet competitive, summer swim team season from May through June. Our passion is for children, ages 4–18, to participate in a sport that offers a sense of community and teamwork, while promoting self-esteem for individual efforts. Swimmers learn to swim and develop proficiency in all four strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Our goal is for kids to learn and have fun in a safe and supportive environment, as a priority. Our focus is one of positivity, as we encourage and celebrate each of our swimmers for swimming their personal best!...whatever that may be. By participating in swim practices and meets and with the support and guidance of our MPST coaches, Marlins swimmers learn valuable life skills such as self-discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork. Through our teen volunteerism program, assisting younger swimmers and serving as role models, Marlins teen volunteers develop leadership skills that often lead to opportunities as future swim team coaches.

Marlins swim families are proud of our long-standing team culture of promoting positivity, fun, sportsmanship and inclusion. As MPST teammates, our swimmers build strong bonds and friendships that may last a lifetime!

  • 45+ years serving our Memorial Parkway neighborhood and surrounding communities!
  • Member of the West Houston Aquatic League (WHALe)
  • 2022 Division 5 Champions
  • Sportsmanship Award Recipients: 2023, 2018, 2016, 2015, 2011
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Typhoon Texas Fundraiser

2024 discount codes and pricing available now

Click here to visit the Typhoon Texas website!

Click: "Buy Now"

Click: "Promo Code"

Enter: "MPST24" in Promo Code text box 

Enjoy! Thank you for helping our Marlins! 

  • Any Day Passes: Only $32.99!
  • Any Day Pass w/ Meal Band: Only $42.99!
  • Season Passes: Only $79.99!
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