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2024 Important Upcoming Dates:

New Swimmer Evaluations: April 27 (See schedule for details.)

New Swimmer Parent Meeting: April 28 (See schedule for details.)

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Parent Info/FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

MPST registration opens in March. Practices and meets are held May-June.

2024 Registration Fees: $130 First Swimmer, $120 Second, $105, All Others

Additional Expenses: Team suit, swim cap & goggles rated for diving. See “Swim Suit Info” tab for specifics.

Q: What is a swim team and what do they do? 

A: The Memorial Parkway Swim Team (MPST) is a non-profit summer swim team that is part of the West Houston Aquatic League (WHALe). We serve the Memorial Parkway neighborhood and, space-permitting, also welcome non-resident swimmers to join our team.

  • Swimmers participate in individual events as well as team relays, with a focus on individual improvement, skill development and team-building! MPST is family and fun-focused, hosting social events and ‘fun’draising events for swimmers as well as for their families and friends to enjoy! 
  • MPST swim practices and swim meets are held at the Memorial Parkway Highland Knolls Pool, 21519 Highland Knolls. We appreciate the support of the Memorial Parkway Community Association (MPCA) by allowing use of one of the MP neighborhood pools, however MPST is not funded by the MPCA. Swim team practices and meets are led by swim coaches and are overseen and supported by our hard-working team of volunteer parents. 
  • Practices start in May and run through June. Swim meets are held in late May and throughout June including championship meets (Meet of Champs and All Stars) for those swimmers who qualify. MPST registration opens to all each year in March, usually timed with the start of Spring Break. We wrap up the season with a team swim party and awards night, which is typically also a potluck dinner and fun for the whole family! 

Q: Can I sign up my child for swim team even though he/she can’t swim?

A: Swim team is not swim lessons. Ideally, swimmers of every age, should have basic swim skills and be able to swim unassisted from one end of the pool to the other (25 yards), even if they are not swimming efficiently. 

  • If you are interested in joining our team and your kids do not have basic swim skills, we recommend enrolling them in a learn-to-swim program which will prepare them for our first practice. 
  • If your child has basic swim skills and you still feel uncertain of his/her readiness, please sign them up! Prior to, or during, the first week of practice, our coaches will evaluate the readiness of all swimmers to swim on the team. Swimmers with basic swim skills and a willingness to learn are rarely turned away; we love to help swimmers learn and grow and watch their confidence soar, in the water and out! 

Q: Where can I sign up for swim lessons or a learn-to-swim program?
A: Choosing a swim program is often a personal choice based on considerations such as being a good fit for your individual swimmer, budget, location or schedule availability. There are many quality swim programs available in our area.
  • For more information, please contact these programs directly. 

Q: I just registered my new swimmer/s for swim team. What do I do now? 
A:  1. Read all info on our website, including the info located in the tab sections.
      2. Attend the new swimmer evaluations. See home page for dates/details.
      3. Attend the mandatory parent meeting. See home page for dates/details.

Q: Are the Parent Meetings really that important? 
A: Yes!...especially if you are a new swim team family.
  • We ask that at least 1 parent from each family attend the parent meeting to receive important information and updates from WHALe and MPST. 

Q: What does my swimmer need for the first day of practice?
  1. A swim suit: 1-piece for girls, Jammers or a Speedo for boys. 
  2. Team suits are not required for practices, but they are required for swim meets.
    Team suits are available for purchase at D & J Sports, 617 S. Mason Rd. See “Swim Suit Info” tab for prices and specifics.
  3. Goggles: Must be rated for diving. See “Swim Suit Info” tab for specifics.
  4. Water - to prevent dehydration
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Towel/s - 2 may be better than 1 for littles.
  7. Supervision. Parents or a parent-designated adult must stay at the pool/playground area with their swimmer/s during practices. Swimmers, ages 11 and up, are the exception. Board members and coaches are not responsible supervising children outside of their practice times. If you need to leave practice momentarily, please speak with a board member.
  8. A willingness to participate. Please talk to your swimmer/s about swim team offering positive encouragement to prepare them for the swimming fun to come!
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